Flight Dispatcher Written Test Book, 2023 Revised Edition, by Michael J. Culhane
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This testing supplement contains 12 sets of realistic sample examinations for the Flight Dispatcher Generic written exams: 6 exams on meteorology (FDMET), and 6 exams on the remaining other mandatory subjects (FDOPS). Designed as a supplement to our Flight Dispatcher Generic Training Course, these exams will permit users to develop an important secondary skill required to achieve a high score on the Transport Canada flight dispatcher writtens: test taking skills. All required chart extracts, performance data, tables, instructions and answer selection sheets are included. Those that complete the exams in this testing supplement after completing our self study course will be assured of strong results on the Transport Canada writtens.

260 pages, colour navigation chart extracts, perfect bound. ISBN 978-1-895801-59-1

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