Helicopter Airline Transport Ground School Course, 2022 Revised Edition, by Michael J. Culhane
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This 2022 EDITION, comprehensive, user-friendly course contains all study subjects for Helicopter Airline Transport written exams: HARON (air law, airline operations, navigation general) and HAMRA (meteorology, radio aids, flight planning) along with the FAA to TCCA ATPL-H conversionary exam: FAAAH. All subjects in our course text are coded and indexed, and full instructions are provided for complex calculation chains. Those preparing to sit the ATPL-H or FAAAH will find everything needed to learn in one text and will not have to waste time doing original research into subjects that are very difficult to find from original sources. This is a very unique training manual since it is dedicated to the Canadian ATPL-H: those that use our course text will find it will greatly facilitate successful completion of the HARON/HAMRA/FAAAH writtens. Updated for new Transport Canada fatigue management/flight duty time rules.

250 pages, perfect bound. ISBN 978-1-895801-48-4



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