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    Holiday 2020 promotion! From Sunday, November 22, 2020 through Saturday, January 9, 2021. Purchase one A20 or ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset you will receive Bose Frames, audio sunglasses in either the Alto or Rondo style, for free, an up to $249.99 CAD retail value. In addition, customers may receive 10% off each additional A20 or ProFlight Series 2 headset purchased on the same receipt.
    Customers who purchase a Bose A20 or ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset will have the opportunity to participate in the following offers:
    • Purchase one (1) Bose A20 or ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset and receive one pair of Bose Frames, audio sunglasses in either the Alto or Rondo style, an up to $249.99 CAD retail value.
    • Purchase two or more Bose A20 and/or ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headsets and receive one pair of Bose Frames, audio sunglasses in either the Alto or Rondo style and 10% off the second and subsequent aviation headset (when purchased together on the same receipt. Discount to be applied to the aviation headset with the lower AMRP.)

  •  Introducing the new Bose ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset, with features designed for airline and corporate flight decks. (THIS IS THE AIRBUS 5 PIN XLR PLUG VERSION)
    The new ProFlight Series 2 builds upon the advanced technology of the original and is the most lightweight, compact and comfortable aviation headset Bose has ever
    produced. ProFlight Series 2 is engineered and refined for the way professional pilots fly and now offers numerous updates and enhancements based on pilot input. ProFlight Series 2 features a new lighter, thinner more flexible cable providing increased freedom of movement and improved tap control for talk-through communication. Like the original, the ProFlight Series 2 is FAA TSO and E/TSO-C139a certified.

    New 4.5 ounce (128 gram) on-head weight.
    For enhanced comfort during extended use.
    Thin, flexible cable. Allows improved freedom of movement and easy storage.
    Digital active noise cancellation.
    Reduces ambient noise, allowing users to lower radio volume.
    User selectable noise cancellation.
    Customize noise reduction according to personal preference.
    Long term durability.
    Designed and tested for demanding cockpit environments.
    Optimized audio.
    Active equalization clarifies incoming audio.
    Updated tap control for talk-through communication.
    Double tap either earbud to optimize audio for communication outside of the intercom.
    Bluetooth connectivity and audio prioritization.
    Full-function Bluetooth enables connections to phone, tablet or EFBs. Prioritization controls how Bluetooth audio interacts
    with the intercom system.
    Multiple plug types.
    Available with twin plug, 5 pin XLR or 6 pin LEMO plug confi gurations. (THIS IS THE AIRBUX 5 PIN XLR VERSION).
    Automatic shutoff .
    Powers down automatically when not in use.
    Quick-release, side swappable mic and cable.Attach on either side – no tools required.

    Easily adjustable mic.
    New mic winglets allow for precise mic and boom adjustments.
    Exceptional battery life.
    Two AA batteries power 45+ hours of use with Bluetooth off and at least 25 hours with Bluetooth on.
    Replaceable silicone StayHear+ tips.
    Easily removed and replaced without tools.
    Available custom molded ear tips.
    For purchase through Bose-authorized partners.
    Bypass communications mode.
    Provides primary intercom audio with or without power.
    Five-year limited warranty with acclaimed service. Worldwide coverage.


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