Canadian Basic and Advanced RPAS Study Guide
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This Study Guide has been developed both for individuals looking to prepare to write Transport Canada's Basic or Advanced RPAS licence, and as a handy reference guide for existing RPAS professionals. 

This publication contains all the required information detailed in TP15263 Third Edition, Knowledge Requirements for Pilots of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems 250g-25kg, operating within Visual Line of Sight (VLOS). This book describes in detail each required section; from the Canadaian Aviation Regulations (CAR's) to Human Factors. 

With this study guide, you will be able to find answers to those hard and obscure questions on the RPAS examinations. However, this book is more than just finding the right answers. Reading this book and completing the multiple practice examinations included, will give you a solid knowledgebase from which to operate RPAS well into the future.  

The author, David Curry has an extensive 38-year Aviation career and is a recognized aviation specialist in both manned aviation and RPAS operations. It is David's desire that all individuals entering this new and rapidly expanding industry begin with the knowledge and understanding required to support his motto "Safety in the Air Begins on the Ground".


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